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Agency Factor

Agency for Customs Declaration, and Import and Export Business:

The subordinate's declaration company of mine has many specialized staff qualified to apply for Customs, We had built a long-term good relations with many import-export trade company before.To partial enterprise noimport and export licence, we may provide the declaration service andhandles the Commodity Inspection (C/I), Certificate of Origin (C/O), Form-A (FA)-- Form-A endorsed by Hongkong consulate, CO endorsed by Hongkong, Guangzhou, Beijing embassy, Cargo Insurance, Health Certificate, Certificate of Fumigation and so on the trade procedure and documents, the settlement of exchange and make the letter of credit (L/C). The proxy commodity scope includes: Toy, extract goods, clothing, handbag, footwear, plastic product, hardware product, electronic products, ceramic handicraft, furniture, resin handicraft, Christmas present, decorative lighting, ironwork andso on. If you do business like grocery(daily, general merchandise), dry and fresh goods, the refrigeration, the dangerous material and the ordinary chemical industry, we also can help you go through Customs smoothly.

Making and transferred Customs Clearence service at Yantian, Shatoujiao,Wenjindu, Huanggang,Shekou in Shenzhen .

Elementary operation way is: By our company making a set of Customs documents Only fax me the name, the specification, the model, the quantity,the net ant goss weight of the commodities. Loading container after confirmed by us.

The list of C/O endorsed By embassy

Country Attestation charge Country Attestation charge
Argentina 1000 RMB Brazil 900 RMB
Bahrain 1200 RMB Bolivia 1450 RMB
Colombia 900 RMB Chile 800 RMB
Egypt 1150 RMB Israel 700 RMB
Jordan 1200 RMB India 1150 RMB
Korea 700 RMB Kuwait 1150 RMB
Libya 850 RMB Lebanon 800 RMB
Mexico 1050 RMB Peru 1400 RMB
Qatar 1050 RMB Uruguay 1600 RMB
Russia 3200 RMB Saudi Arabia 700 RMB
Turkey 800 RMB United Arab Emirates 1100 RMB
Venezuela 1300 RMB    
  Iran Invoice sum  629USD Hereinafter 750 RMB
Invoice sum  630-6290 USD 1100 RMB
Invoice sum  6291-31446 USD 1500 RMB
Invoice sum  31447-62893 USD 2250 RMB
Invoice sum  62894-314465 USD 3800 RMB
Invoice sum  314466 USD and Upwards 7000 RMB

Above the quoted price only supplies the reference, the quantity greatly to be allowed the preferential benefit