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Bonded Warehouse
Sound warehouse management makes difference for your business performance. Kingstar's professional management aims to make it a more cost-effective operation by improving inventory accuracy, reducing inventory levels, close coordination with carriers and scientific management. In addition, your capital expenditures will be minimized this way as we own or lease the warehouse facilities.

Import and Export Consolidation in Bonded warehouse , and repacking and repairing  the return goods from overseas,
Modification, grading, sampling, mixing and reprocessing in the warehouse 
Export processing and entrepot trade  etc.

We offer a full range of warehousing services, including traditional stocking(free for 3 days), labeling, container stuffing, packaging , taking photograph before loading container and trucking to container yards. A well-structured distribution system that carries your products to customers efficiently anywhere in China is essential to your business success. Kingstar works closely with a strong distribution network to provide you product distribution solution throughout China . Regardless of the size or quantities of your products, your products will be handled with the same care at Kingstar.
We have many warehouses in Kowloon, Hongkong, Lecong, Shunde, Huangpu, Guangzhou, Shekou, Yantian,Foshan,Zhongshan, Sungang Customs Inspection Warehouse in Shenzhen, Shantou, Chongqin, Chengdu, Liuzhou, Guiyang, Fangchenggan, Mawei, Fuzhou, Xiamen, Beilun, Ningbo, Pudong, Shanghai, Qingdao, Xinggang, Tianjin, Dalian and airport in China every city .