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Foreign Exchange

After China is one fellow of WTO, it is a bigger import & export country in the world, "made in China" is famous word. and Shenzhen is the window of China and the center of Electron near Hong Kong, its economy is increased rapidly, Shenzhen is becoming biggest seaport, more overseas customers and foreigners do business in Shenzhen and Hong Kong, we can help you settle down your payment which the problems for foreign take more cashes, you can put your money to my account, then I exchange this into RMB for you according to the exchange rate of the Bank of China that day, or take cash for you, but you should pay us some handling charge: 0.6-1% of your amount.

Another way is we can receive the LC for the small suppliers, we can become your best partner in China, Inspection of goods, Payment, Shipping, a series of trading step. we can make contract between us and your suppliers, and we are professional trade consulter in China.

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