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Supply Chain
Professional based on Global service network , integration advantages of resources, the reconstruction of the value chain,Kingstar successfully build integrated with the international supply chain service platform, professional  for communication electronics, electrical equipment, medical equipment, intelligent Home Furnishing, high-end consumer goods, people's livelihood products and other industries to provide import and export Customs clearance services, warehousing management, global VMI purchasing and selling platform, supply chain finance and supply chain integration services, reduce costs, iRelying on KINGSTAR's more than 140 platforms and branches and premium supplier resources, to provide one-stop purchasing and execution of purchasing services in different region and countries, including integrated services of global logistics, business flow, cash flow and information flow, suitable for the corporate with high value purchases, large quantities purchases, complex purchasing steps (including overseas/domestic purchases ), and multi-suppliers.

Service Scope:
       Help customers complete procurement activities with upstream suppliers as per customers' order, which includes:
        Provide outsourcing of materials and equipment, purchasing process quality control and business management service by means of the database of thousands of KINGSTAR vendors for our customers.  
        Provide Vendor Management Inventory (VMI) , global customs clearance service, global logistics and warehousing service and order management service etc with KINGSTAR's more than 140 outlets around the world for our customers.
        Provide financial settlement service and supply chain financial service for our customers under the support of KINGSTAR's strong financial ability.
        Provide excellent commercial execution service, logistic service, financial settlement service and information-processing service by our professional team for our customers.
Customer Benefits:
        Purchasing procedures simplified
        Vendor channels shortened
        Capital turnover improved
        Purchasing cost reduced