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the way of China Silk Road

views:   date:2017-06-18 11:39:41

This Silk Road will help you find all the secret places following the Silk Road along with Kashgar, Dunhuang, LanZhou plus lots more...

The modern day Silk Road is very accessible in China where you will find ancient city ruins, and old living cities side by side with new modern towns

Today most of the Chinese Silk Road can be covered by China Rail or by bus on expressways from BeiJingXiAnUrumqi all the way to Kashgar(KaShi). From there, there is even a “new” route through the Khunjerab Pass linking Islamabad Pakistan to the rest of China called theKarakorum Highway.

Researched and developed right now a modern day Silk Road Map that will highlight all the historical interests that covers the China part of the Silk Road.

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